Abul Al Arabi

Lecturer, Northern University Bangladesh



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Student Activity Coordinator

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I am Abul Al Arabi, a graduate in EEE from BUET, and currently completing MSc. in EEE. I am also working as a lecturer at Northern University Bangladesh. My background, along with my previous experiences with IEEE, has prompted me to seek an opportunity to make a further contribution with my distinct vision and expertise to the IEEE Bangladesh Section. Being thoroughly impelled, I am, therefore, applying for the position of “Student Activity Coordinator”.

To start with, I joined IEEE during my undergraduate years. Under the hood of the IEEE Buet student branch and the supervision of Prof. Dr. Anowarul Fattah, I along with my team conducted the very first workshop on ‘line follower robots’, titled “Robot Tutor – 1” in 2015. This workshop had a high impact. Influencing over 200 participants, it highly contributed to membership development. This provided a zeal inside me to work with IEEE.

As per my further contribution, I have served as an executive committee member (Treasurer) of the IEEE RAS BD Chapter in 2018. In 2019 I was elected as the Secretary of IEEE RAS BD Chapter. During this period, I carried out the vision and mission of both the IEEE RAS BD Chapter and IEEE BDS. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Celia Shahnaz, I conducted 9 workshops, more than 6 technical talks, played the role of the judge in different project shows and took part in vitality enhancement programs. I would like to mention that, these covered more than 1.5 thousand students throughout the nation. Moreover, I also pioneered to establish IEEE RAS SB Chapters in different student branches.

My such devotion was further bolstered after I was elected as the Awards Coordination of the IEEE BDS 2019. Apart from my implicit rules, I carried out the vision of the IEEE BDS by serving as the conference Secretary of IEEE RAAICON 2019 which had tremendous influence throughout the nation. Furthermore, after joining the Northern University Bangladesh, I had a fruitful effort of establishing the IEEE NUB SB there and currently, it is growing with high acceleration. Under my supervision, a couple of seminars and workshops have already been organized there, which I believe will have an excellent effect on membership development. Furthermore, I also aided in establishing IEEE SBs in other universities too. All of these things further motivated me to make more collaboration with the root level students & drive them to implement the vision of IEEE, which propelled me to seek for an opportunity to serve as the Student Activity Coordinator.

Overall, I believe this is the most coherent position as per my contributions are concerned and my experience with IEEE prompted me to go forward and seek the position I am applying for. I aim to contribute and expand the vision of the section by my hard work and motivation. Being the Student Activity Coordinator will give me a chance to show my implicit qualities of professionalism, industrious and being adept in organizational aspects.

Abul Al Arabi

1st Choice Qualification relevant to the applied post considering IEEE Bangladesh Section (max 500 Words)

As I have mentioned my brief vision in my statement, I would like to focus on the aspects that made my mind to seek that position. My workshops and talks influenced thousands of students throughout the nations. From Chittagong to Rajshahi, I conducted training programs to make the vision of IEEE successful. As all of my works are student-centered, hence, I would like to grab the opportunity to formally act with them by obtaining the position of Student Activity Coordinator.

Moreover, under my leadership, several national and international awards have been achieved. These allowed me to cope up with challenging environments and make collaborators throughout the nations. Here is a summary of them:
➢ 1nd in IEEE, IAS-CMD Robotics Contest (IAS-ECCE 2019), Baltimore, MD, USA.
➢ 2nd in IEEE, IAS-CMD Robotics Contest (IAS-ECCE 2018), Portland, Or, USA.
➢ 6th in URC-2018 & Top ten (10th) in URC-2017 Mars Rover Challenge, Utah, USA.
➢ 5th in Phobos finale (19th overall), URC-2016 Mars Rover Challenge, Utah, USA.
➢ Champion: LFR maze solver, Bangladesh, 2016.
➢ Participation in European Rover Challenge (Mars Rover)- 2015, Poland.
➢ Champion: International Autonomous Robotics Challenge- 2014, IITK, India.
➢ Champion: Image processing robotics challenge- Shuffle-2015 IIT, Kanpur, India.
➢ Champion: International Autonomous Robotics Challenge- 2014 (Regional).
➢ Champion: Battle of Speed- 2014, Bangladesh.
➢ Champion: International Robotics Challenge Regional 2015.
➢ Runner Up International Robotics Challenge-2015, Finale IIT, Mumbai, India.
➢ 2nd Runner Up, Global Robotics Challenge-2013 (Regional Round), Bangladesh.
➢ Runner Up Esonance-2014 Robomania, IUT, Bangladesh.
➢ 2nd Runner Up Mecceleration, Robotics Challenge-2014, IUT, Bangladesh.
➢ Best Innovation award ICT-EXPO 2015, Bangladesh.
➢ Best Control system project, Control system project show-2015, BUET, Bangladesh.

My achievements have also been recognized and here is a brief list of the awards that I received:
➢ Awards for conducting different IEEE Workshops in Bangladesh.
➢ Recognition from Edward M. Kennedy Center (EMK) for contributing to IoT developments.
➢ Award from BUET, Bangladesh for bringing national & international achievements on robotics.
➢ Award from Home Ministry of ICT for robotics & rover developments and achievements.
➢ Award from ESAB, Bangladesh for being a milestone and contributor to the robotics development.
➢ Award from IUB, Bangladesh for bringing achievements in robotics

All of these awards and achievements have highly contributed to my acceptance in different intellectual communities and among the students throughout the nation. With such expertise in hand, it will be easy for me to access the students and drive them to obtain the benefits of IEEE which eventually will have an impact on membership development and retention.

Moreover, it has been projected for me to serve the student activity chair position at IEEE TENSYMP 2020 and I believe, if I can obtain the position of student activity coordinator, this will highly be coherent. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Celia Shahnaz and Prof. Dr. Anowarul Fattah, I have been able to grab the grant totaling 1000USD for arranging the IEEE RAS hackathon for the students in the collocated conferences.

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Contribution to IEEE Bangladesh Section (max 500 words)

Being robotics and AI enthusiast, I first participated in IRC Regional, organized by IEEE Buet SB. Being champion in the regional round, I participated in the finale held in IIT, Bombay, India. Just after having a top position in that challenge, I joined IEEE and conducted workshops on basic robotics under the supervision of Dr. Shaikh Anowarul Fattah in 2015. From that time, I have been a part of different IEEE events in Bangladesh.

Being an ex-com member of the IEEE BDS & IEEE RAS BD Chapter, I have conducted several workshops and technical sessions in different IEEE student branches throughout the nation. A brief is presented below due to the 500 words limit:

 Conducting hands-on training session, IEEE SYWM Congress 2019.
 Conducting awards assessment and session at IEEE SYWM Congress 2019.
 Talk on the 4th Industrial Revolution and robotics, IEEE UAP SB.
 Technical talk on robotics at IEEE DAY 2019, IEEE AUST SB 2019.
 Robotics and 4th IR, Vitality enhancement program, IEEE ISTT SB 2019.
 Technical talk on 4th IR, IEEE SPAC at IEEE NSU SB 2019.
 IoT in robotics in RUET, ISTT, IUB Student Branches 2018 to 2019.
 Technical session on robotics and IoT, ICAEEE 2018, DUET.
 Technical session on robotics and IoT, IEEE BUP Annual event.
 Session on robotics and IoT in IEEE BDS SYWMC 2018.
 IEEE TISP 2017, AUST, Bangladesh.
 Workshop on Industrial Automation, IEEE IIUC SB 2017.
 Workshop on Automation, IEEE PUST SB 2017.
 Robot Tutor-1 workshops, IEEE BUET SB 2015.

I believe, contribution to the student branches subsequently creates an impact on IEEE BDS. Apart from that, I have also served the role of being the secretary of IEEE RAAICON 2019. Moreover, I took the courage to establish a new student branch at Northern University Bangladesh and also aided to establish two new student branches at other universities as well. Moreover, I am currently serving the rule of the counselor at IEEE NUB SB.

Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Celia Shahnaz and Prof. Dr. Anowarul Fattah, I brought a 1000 USD grant to organize the IEEE RAS Hackathon on “CyberPhysical”, that took place at the collocated conference venue and had an impact over lots of students around the nation. All of these activities have a high impact on membership development.

I have participated in CMD Robotics challenge at IEEE IAS Annual Meeting 2019 & 2018 at Baltimore, Maryland, and Portland, Oregon. I have participated in the CMD workshop and acted as a foreperson of my group including individuals from Region-7 and Region-10. I have also brought the glory of being champion in 2019 and 2nd in 2018 at the IEEE IAS CMD Robotics Challenge there under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Celia Shahnaz. I have been a judge in different IEEE events of different universities, including MIST, IUB, and NSU. I, subsequently believe I can contribute more to being the student activity coordinator of the IEEE Bangladesh Section.

IEEE positions held chronologically (global and local)

➢ Awards Coordinator, IEEE Bangladesh Section 2019
➢ Secretary, IEEE RAS BD Chapter 2019
➢ Counselor, IEEE NUB SB, 2019
➢ Secretary, IEEE RAAICON 2019
➢ Treasurer, IEEE RAS BD Chapter 2018

Awards received from IEEE (global and local)[If no award is received please write “No award is received”]

➢ Champion, IEEE IAS CMD Robotics challenge, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 2019
➢ 2nd, IEEE IAS CMD Robotics challenge, Portland, Oregon, USA, 2018
➢ Champion IRC Regional, Organized by IEEE BUET SB
➢ Multiple recognitions achieved for conducting different IEEE Workshops throughout Bangladesh.

Experience in IEEE Bangladesh Section  in Executive Committee, Affinity Groups, Societies chapters, Student Branches (year and positions) [Please mention whether the position is listed in Vtools or not]

➢ Awards Coordinator, IEEE Bangladesh Section 2019
➢ Secretary, IEEE RAS BD Chapter 2019 (Vtools)
➢ Counselor, IEEE NUB SB, 2019 (Vtools)
➢ Treasurer, IEEE RAS BD Chapter 2018 (Vtools)

Endorser’s Name

Shaikh Anowarul Fattah

Endorser’s Affiliation

Nominations and Appointment Chair, IEEE Bangladesh Section & Professor, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET)